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The smartest IR distribution service in the Nordics

MFN is the market’s first distribution service fully adapted for IR news. The service offers full-scale exposure in relevant IR channels and direct connection to own web.


The purpose of MFN is to reduce the stress for IR-managers in the process of distributing information to the market. We do this with the help of unique technical solutions that automate time-consuming work steps and reduce the risk of errors.


All login and verification requires either Bank-ID or two factor verification in order to eliminate unnecessary risks. The platform is also encrypted and operated using the latest technology available.

Analysis Tools

In addition to simplicity and security, MFN offers a unique and data-driven analytics tool which shows relevant analysis of how distributed press releases and reports are perceived by the stock market.

All inclusive

Ease of use is the hallmark of the product. MFN includes everything from integration on the website, support 24h, monitoring, e-mail functionality, unlimited press releases and distribution in relevant channels such as trading terminals and financial media.


< 5 min
to create & publish a press release
availability & support
is included, no variable costs